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    Learning innovation award


    On the 23rd of May at Parsons the New School for Design, Ted Simpson, head of marketing for Philips North America presented together with Professor of Lighting Design, Derek Porter, the Learning Innovation Award 2013 to top of the class student Min Chul Song for his innovative end of year submission which combines natural and electric light to provide airline passengers with the optimum light conditions to help them arrive in the best condition. The Learning Innovation Award is part of the collaboration between Philips and the Parsons School which aims to link innovation and education with designers.

    Light and human health: Applying research in space stations and on earth

    It is rare to have an educational seminar which combines the application of light for astronauts, schools, offices and healthcare all in one, but that is exactly what took place at the Parsons School of Design in New York on Friday 26th of October. The Eugene Lang Café at Parsons was packed with designers, students and professors from New York who wanted to be part of the talks and debate on what enables us to make sense of form as well as influences our daily life patterns.


    Philips and Parsons joined forces with the first ‘’Luminous Talks’’ designed link research, innovation and practice in an educational context. Derek Porter, lighting designer and Professor of Lighting Design at Parsons developed a program together with the Philips Lighting University which provided informative talks combined with discussion and interaction.



    Dr. George Brainard, professor of neurology at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and Director of Jefferson’s Light Research Program described the dangers astronauts face on space stations with detailed work requiring concentration, but whom rarely manage to sleep well without large quantities of medications, due in part to the just 90 minute day they experience as they spin around the world. This unsurprisingly completely interrupts their sleep wake cycle. Although the opportunity of space travel only affects a few lucky and elite people some of the findings are being applied in more down to earth applications.


    Dr. Brainard’s talk was followed by Matthew Cobham from Philips who linked the worlds of research, innovation and application and also gave examples in Healthcare, Schools and Offices.


    The intention is for ‘’Luminous Talks’’ to continue and become one of the platforms developed by Philips Lighting University with industry leaders to provide informative, objective and timely forums for light and lighting knowledge.




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