A quick reference guide by Alan Tulla


    LEDs are revolutionizing the way we light our offices and factories. This book is a practical guide about the understanding of LEDs and how they are used to light both the interior and exterior of buildings.

    The emphasis is on the practicalities: what you can, and cannot do with LEDs. The aim of the book is to provide direction to designers, project managers, installers and electrical contractors on different issues such as light output, color and effective life. The book contains six chapters and includes many colorful illustrations and photographs in order to make reading and learning much more pleasant. The chapters are the followings:


    1. Lighting Knowledge – Vision and the basic lighting units
    2. LED Knowledge – Their technology and construction
    3. Controls knowledge – What you need to know. Saving energy using controls.
    4. Retrofit LED lamps – What light sources can be replaced by LEDs. What to look for.
    5. LED luminaires – The best applications.
    6. Designing with LEDs – Simple rules for light planning.

    About the author


    Alan Tulla is an independent lighting consultant and an acknowledged expert on LEDs and their practical applications. He worked for many years in technical management for major luminaire and lamp manufacturers before moving to consultancy. Alan has written articles on LED photometry and their technical characteristics for many professional lighting journals. He is a Fellow and Past President of the Society of Light and Lighting and also a Fellow of the Institution of Lighting Professionals

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