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February 26, 4 pm CET/10 am EST

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In the past decade, LED has become popular as an energy-saving, long-life light source that is also increasingly affordable. In more and more applications, this new technology is now the lighting of choice. But hot on its heels is a new innovation that is based on the next generation of light-emitting diodes: OLED. Also, the Philips Lumiblade range is on the cutting edge.

Over the past few years, OLEDs have seen a marked increase in brightness – the key enabler of functional applications. At the same time, the products’ lifetime and energy efficiency have also seen great improvements, with even more new features on the way, all of them makes OLED ready to take the stage as a platform for new advances in lighting.

In OLED Lighting – Opportunities and challenges for implementing the most modern light source, you will discover exactly what OLEDs are and what makes them so special. We will review the products that are now available, as well as projects that have already used OLED technology. Also, we will highlight the key markets where OLED has the greatest potential.

Join this webinar hosted by Dietmar Thomas, and learn how the many benefits of OLED will soon be finding their way into ever more application areas. This webinar will be presented live on:

February 26, 4 pm CET/10 am EST

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March 4, 7 pm CET/10 am PST

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Meet your host:

Dietmar Thomas

Dietmar Thomas is the Manager of Global Brand and Integrated Communication at the Philips OLED division.

He loves to help cutting-edge technologies find mainstream applications.

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