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Luminous Talks 3 symposium

Featuring presentations by Jeffrey Schnapp, Adam Yarinsky, David Lewis and Kevin Dowling


Luminous Talks, titled The Changing Room, held at Parsons on November 12 (2014), brought together architects, designers and scholars for a symposium exploring the dynamic potential of environments in which both natural and artificial forms of light activate interior space. Renowned speakers addressed this theme from a variety of perspectives, which include architecture, lighting design, science, and cultural theory.


Check out the recording in case you have missed this illuminating event.

More on The Changing Room

How are our perceptions of time and space shaped by the constantly shifting movement of natural light within an interior space, and what role do architectural materials and finishes play in forming these perceptions? How can new lighting technologies expand historical applications of artificial light and affiliation with natural illumination? Given our rapidly expanding understanding of the powerful effects of lighting conditions on the human body, what can cutting-edge scientific research tell us about the impact on our health as we move through and inhabit these highly changeable and interactive spaces? These are just some of the issues to be addressed in The Changing Room.

Meet the speakers

Luminous Talks 3 symposium featured presentations by: Jeffrey Schnapp, Adam Yarinsky, David Lewis and Kevin Dowling. Click the speaker's names to read about their experience, acknowledgments and passion for design and architecture.

Prof. Jeffrey Schnapp

Harvard's metaLAB


Adam Yarinsky,

 FAIA Principal - Architecture Research Office


David J. Lewis,

AIA Associate Professor - Parsons; Principal – LTL Architects


Kevin Dowling,

PhD Vice President of Engineering, 4moms

About Luminous Talks

Luminous Talks is a collaboration between Philips and Parsons The New School for Design, started in 2012. Luminous Talks brings together architects, lighting designers, academics, industry leaders and others to discuss innovations and current topics in the lighting design industry. Luminous Talks involves a series of educational events that include public talks, online webinars, publications and more – offering multiple opportunities to learn, connect, inspire and to be inspired.



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