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Lighting Academy offers a comprehensive range of educational resources for people who want to expand their lighting knowledge. With a rich history in lighting, Philips is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between the cutting edge in lighting innovation and the real-world solutions required by professionals.

The Academy partners with world-leading experts to ensure bringing you up-to-date information and valuable inspiration. You will be sure to find something on this website that will enlighten you.

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What would you like to learn today? All about LED lighting? Or how light can help regulating our body clock? You will find all answers here. Explore our content by theme or type to find the topics of your interest easy to learn fast.

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The Philips Lighting Partner Program is designed to help you create new opportunities to grow your business using Philips Lighting solutions. The program will empower your business and enhance the value proposition for your customers.


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2–3 februari

Utmaningen – talartävling för studenter

Av VIA Events


19 februari

Light Bite: Belysning för en kretsloppsekonomi (på engelska)

Presentation av Nick Kelso


26 februari

Webbseminarium för beställare: OLED-belysning

Presentation av Dietmar Thomas


26 mars

Webbseminarium för beställare: Semantiskt ljus

Presentation av Zary Segall


29 april

Webbseminarium för beställare: Justerbar belysning för användning inomhus

Presentation av Konstantinos Papamichael

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